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‘Forgotten Patients, Overlooked Diseases and Lost Health Solutions’

December 14, 2022, at 02:00 PM (London)

Treatment and support are available for most common diseases. For those suffering from a rare condition, there will usually be a society or self-help organisation. Members of the research and medical communications community are generally familiar with helping these groups.

By comparison, there is a sizeable number of people who may have complex, medically unexplained symptoms but no clear diagnosis. It is estimated that up to 50% of GP consultations do not result in a clear diagnosis. Often, affected individuals feel overlooked as they get shunted from one specialty to another, endure countless tests and are tried on a range of unsuccessful treatments. People do not know where to turn while money and resources are wasted. Being labelled as having a functional or psychosomatic illness may compound their problems resulting in chronic mental health problems.
Our hope during this webinar is to highlight the ‘Forgotten Patients’ group, examine with examples why the patient journey can go wrong and explore whether some previously proposed health solutions might be of value.

Our medical artist associate, Tony Pickering, coping with diabetes

Image by Tony Pickering

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The forgotten patient journey and where it can go wrong with Katia Chrysostomou, & Christianne Forrest (patient story)

Unexplained symptoms in A&E and primary care with Dr Eva Diehl-Wiesenecker & Dr Carmen Schmechel

Medical ethics perspective: the importance of making a diagnosis even if there is no cure with Dr Chantal Patel, Dr Kiran Jani & Christianne Forrest (patient story)

The physician’s perspective; The importance of patient stories and diagnostic uncertainty with Dr Adrian Tookman & Dr Minha Rajput-Ray

Perspectives of patients, families, and society; The cost of living with forgotten diseases and unexplained symptoms with Dr Jacques Tamin, Franziska König-Paratore & Rev Dr Peter Speck

How might forgotten health initiatives and new technology help the patient journey with Achim Kautz & Julia Eder

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